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Yes, it's absolutely necessary that our first official "blog" post, coming from a complete amateur-blogger, would be of an amazing collaboration between two movements that actually, really care about everything Well-Being. 

When you spend any amount of time every day not only thinking about what you can do to be a better part of humanity, but also making lifestyle shifts that support your goal of playing a more positive role, it's only natural that you attract other members of society driven by the same question, "How can I make an impact?" 

Zady has created a company philosophy that stemmed from exposing the "outrageously high environmental and social cost of production" and found a way to respect the quality of the product, those who make the clothing, and most importantly, the planet. They call it Thoughtful Production and it makes the world of a difference. 

Sophia and I got to meet members of their team that truly exemplify the culture they believe in and we had a blast in the process. Thank you for being a catalyst of change within a careless and cut-throat industry, Zady. 

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Love, T. 


Source: https://zady.com/features/zady-lady-meet-chef-and-wellness-expert-sophia-roe